Why LED Lights?

You have noticed that more people are opting for LED lighting. They may even go to great lengths to replace some of their current lights with LED lighting. So, what is all the fuss about anyway? Why are LED lights stealing the show?

What is an LED?

An LED, or Light Emitting Diode, is a semiconductor device that provides light when current flows through it. An incandescent bulb has a wire filament that is heated until it emits light. You may already see the primary upside of an LED bulb just by reading those definitions. If not, we will discuss a few of the benefits below. 

The Benefits of an LED 


The most obvious advantage of an LED is the amount of energy it saves compared to an incandescent bulb. You can save between 60 and 90% of your energy. Expect a massive drop in your electricity bill when you switch to LED lighting. Incandescent lights use most of their energy to heat the filament, not leaving much to provide proper lighting.  

Extended Lifespan

If you are tired of frequently replacing your light bulbs, you should consider LED lighting. LED bulbs can last up to 40 times longer than regular bulbs. While an LED bulb may be more expensive than an incandescent one, you will still save money due to the extended life expectancy of LED bulbs. 


LED light bulbs are far safer than incandescent ones. They hardly emit forward heat, meaning they won’t burn out and hurt someone as a normal light bulb can. 

Versatile Designs

Since LED light bulbs are so small, they have endless design possibilities. They can be positioned in different patterns to serve a wide variety of purposes. Perhaps you would like them in a line above your counter or workbench as a task light, or maybe you would prefer them in a bunch to provide more light to your room. The choice is yours. 

180 Degree Light Projection

LEDs emit light at 180 degrees compared to regular incandescent bulbs that emit light at 360 degrees. Half the light from a regular bulb is wasted on the ceiling. You can save more energy by ensuring that your light only shines where you want it to. 


LED lights can be dimmed to any desired percentage of their power output. Once you get the correct hardware to accompany your LED lights, you can use it to dim your LED lights to create various moods in your home. 

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