Importance of Your Electrical Panel

Have you ever wondered what the purpose is of your electrical panel? Many homeowners forget about their electrical panels as they are mostly hidden away. You may only need to use it when something has tripped your circuit breakers. So, what is the purpose of your electrical panel?

An electrical panel is also called a breaker box or power box. It is a service box used to connect your home’s electrical system to the main power line. It is then responsible for distributing the electricity throughout your home to the various circuits. The circuit breakers and fuses are there to ensure that there aren’t any over-currents while the electrical panel distributes your electricity. 

You can think of your electrical panel as the heart of your electrical system. Just as the heart pumps blood throughout your body to the various organs, your electrical panel does the same – just with electricity. Your electrical panel also limits the amount of electricity that comes from the main power line to protect your circuit feeds.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

You no doubt see the importance of your electrical panel. You know that without it, your home would not have electricity, or it would have a supply of electricity that damages your appliances. If you want to upgrade your home, you first need to upgrade your electrical panel

If you are thinking of adding more rooms to your house, you need new outlets and light fixtures. If you live in an older home, your home’s electrical system may not be able to keep up with the new demand. You can ensure that it stays up to code by upgrading your power box. You may also need to upgrade your meter box and service mast. Speak to an electrician about your electrical panel upgrades. 

Signs of a Problematic Electrical Panel

If your lights flicker constantly, your circuit breaker keeps tripping, and your outlets are burned or discolored, you desperately need an electrical upgrade. You and your family won’t be able to enjoy the full potential of your electrical system with a problematic breaker box. An outdated electrical panel can be both inconvenient and dangerous. Your home could be at risk of fire and electric shocks. Don’t hesitate to have your electrical panel inspected soon. 

When you upgrade your electrical panel, you and your family will be able to install more advanced appliances without being held back by an old electrical panel. If your devices keep tripping your circuits, you can’t use them. This is not fair to you and should be fixed immediately. If your electrical panel is not transporting your electricity properly, your home won’t be fully functional.

Professional Electrical Panel Upgrades

If you need a reliable electrician to upgrade your electrical system, Travis Electrical Service is just a phone call away. We are here to keep our neighbors safe from electrical fires and shocks. We also want you to experience the convenience of a working electrical panel. 

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