Electrical Services in Clarksville, TN

Modern Clarksville, TN homes depend on an adequate, safe supply of electricity to function. While the electrical services in new homes are generally capable of providing that electricity without endangering appliances or other devices now commonly used, older homes might not have adequate services. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have an older home’s electrical system evaluated by a qualified electrician.

Service Panels Distribute the Home’s Electricity

Service panels, distribution panels, or breaker boxes all refer to the same thing. The panel splits the incoming supply of electricity into usable circuits for appliances, lighting, home entertainment systems, and other devices. For many years, a 100 amp service panel was considered adequate for an average home. However, those panels don’t have the capacity required for modern homes. There were generally a minimal number of breakers with no room for expansion.

Today’s homes include far more devices than older ones. That means 200 amp panels are now common, and some homes require even larger services. New homes include specific circuits for computers, entertainment systems, and sophisticated smart appliances. Older Electrical panels simply don’t have the capacity for the number of circuits now required.

In addition, several of the older electrical panels, like those from Federal Pacific and Zinsco, are now generally seen as being unsafe. Numerous fires are attributed to those old, dated panels. Panel Upgrades are always recommended when those panels are seen. If your home still has one of those panels, contact an electrician today for advice.

Lighting Fixtures

Home lighting has changed over the years. Older fixtures used far more electricity than new designs, while task lighting and other newer forms of fixtures simply didn’t exist in the past. If you’re tired of putting up with poor lighting when you’re working in the kitchen or trying to read, consider asking an electrician about the best ways to improve your home’s lighting.

Remember that modern lighting fixtures save money. Because today’s lighting options use far less electricity than old, incandescent lighting, your monthly utility bills will be lower after upgrading to new lighting fixtures. New lighting options also last far longer, which means you won’t have to change bulbs as often.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical wiring, including switches and outlets, doesn’t last forever. Upgrades, repairs, and replacements are frequently needed. For example, even if your home’s electrical panel may be adequate, there may not be enough outlets in parts of the home. Electricians will add the needed outlets with as little disruption to the home’s residents as possible. Light switches also fail at times. While replacing a switch may look easy, safety should always be considered. The majority of homeowners have no knowledge of what’s required to replace a switch safely. Three-way and four-way switches are also common and will be confusing to most people. Rather than taking chances, contact an electrician for help.

Outdoor Living

A high percentage of homeowners are looking for ways to expand their living areas. In many cases, that means improving patios, decks, and other outdoor areas. Outlets and lighting are essential elements of those spaces, and an electrician can help homeowners plan their outdoor living spaces and add the needed wiring for lights and outlets. Outdoor kitchens, spas, and pools all need wiring that’s rated to withstand Clarksville’s weather conditions. Even though the area’s weather is nice much of the year, there are weather-related challenges property owners must face when expanding their outdoor living facilities.

Preparing for Emergencies

While the region’s electrical grid is generally adequate, there will be times when a home’s electrical service can go out. Short outages are not a problem for most homeowners, but an outage that lasts several days can be devastating. That’s why we recommend adding a generator to feed electricity to a home’s most important circuits during a power outage.

There are several types and sizes of generators available to meet the needs of virtually any property owner. Having backup power is especially important for homeowners with family members that require life-saving medical equipment. We’re experts at recommending, installing, and maintaining backup generators, and we’re sure there is equipment readily available to meet your family’s needs.

Handling Those Pesky Problems

There are times when the cause of an electrical issue won’t be obvious. Our team of professionals is trained to detect where problems lie and repair them quickly. If you’re facing an electrical issue that’s frustrating, give us a call today. We’re always ready to take on any type of electrical problem in your home. For an appointment to evaluate your home’s electrical needs, contact our team of experts now.