Electrician in Cunningham, TN

If you live in Cunningham, TN, you get to enjoy small-town life without being too far away from Music City. But finding a good electrical company to take care of electrical concerns can be a challenge. At Travis Electrical Service, we offer services for home and business owners in Cunningham, TN, and we look forward to hearing how we can serve you.

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What Electrical Repairs or Installations Can I Do Myself?

While it is a good idea to call an electrician to take care of most electrical projects, some electrical repairs can be managed at home. Make sure to always turn off electrical power before you attempt any DIY electrical repairs. If you have basic home improvement skills, you can take care of some of the following tasks:

  • Replacing outlet covers
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Changing out light switches or outlets
  • Replacing smoke detectors
  • Changing light fixtures

Electricity can be extremely dangerous, so when in doubt, call a pro!

Electrical Services in Cunningham, TN

At Travis Electrical Service, we make electrical services as simple as possible. We believe that you shouldn’t have to move mountains to get the quality electrical repairs and installations you deserve. We offer comprehensive residential electrical services for everything from your wiring to your hot tub to upgrading your lighting.

Electrical Repair Services in Cunningham

We always recommend calling for electrical repairs as soon as you notice a problem. Even small signs such as flickering lights or a breaker that keeps tripping could mean that you have more serious problems somewhere in your electrical system. We offer lighting repair, wiring repair, generator repair, pool lighting repair, and much more.

Outlet Repair in Cunningham

If your plugs are falling out of your outlets after you plug them in, an outlet cover feels hot to the touch, or your circuit breaker keeps tripping, we can come and do an outlet repair. We are also happy to replace old outlets with new ones that are up to code. Ask us about GFCI outlet installations and other upgrades.

Electrical Replacement & Installation in Cunningham

Electrical installation can include everything from outlet replacement to whole-home rewiring services. Even something as small as a GFCI outlet installation can improve the safety of your home and reduce the chance of electrical injury or fire. Many homes in Cunningham need electrical installation to stay up to code, and we are happy to help determine if your home is one of them.

Generator Installation in Cunningham

You can never predict when a heavy storm or even a car accident will knock out a power line and leave you with no electricity. With our generator installation, we want to help you to be prepared for even the worst storms. We can install generators that will kick on automatically as soon as the power goes out and power your home for as long as needed.

Electric Car Charger Installation in Cunningham

Do you wish you could charge your car overnight and have a full charge every morning? Level 2 EV charger installation will enable you to charge your car in your garage every day. Our electric car charger installation is fast and easy.

Pool Electrical Services in Cunningham

Having the right lighting for your pool or hot tub will create the right ambience in your yard. Whether you are designing a space for relaxing, having fun, or both, our pool electricians can help. We provide pool lighting services as well as pool and hot tub wiring installation. 

Electrical Rewiring in Cunningham

Constant electrical repairs and old, faulty wiring can sometimes only be resolved through electrical rewiring services. We can rewire your home and make it safer for you and your family.

Lighting Replacement in Cunningham

Poorly planned lighting can result in a dark home that never seems to have light where you need it. With our lighting installation in Cunningham, we will help you to have a home that is always well-lit without having to pay too much in utilities.

Electrical Inspection in Cunningham, TN

Electrical inspection services are suitable for when you are buying a new home or selling your old one. However, they can also be useful for identifying potential problems with your lighting, wiring, and electrical components. Regular inspections can help you stay on top of electrical repairs and upgrades.

Commercial Services in Cunningham

Do you need a reliable electrical company that can help you with your commercial electrical repair and installation needs? At Travis Electrical Service, we are proud to offer commercial electrical services in Cunningham, TN. We provide electrical inspections, repair services, electrical code upgrades, emergency repairs, and much more.

Additional Electrical Services in Cunningham, TN

We offer many more electrical services including:

  • GFCI outlet installation
  • Electrical panel installation and upgrade
  • Whole house surge protector installation
  • Lighting repair
  • Smoke detector and CO detector installation

Call Your Local Electrician in Cunningham, Travis Electrical Service

At Travis Electrical Service, we want to build relationships with our customers in Cunningham by offering the highest caliber of electrical services. Through our courteous services and straightforward prices, we hope to make your day better.

If you need electrical services in Cunningham or any of the surrounding areas, call Travis Electrical Service today or contact us online.