Electrical Installation Services in Clarksville, TN

Out of all of the modern conveniences in your home, your electrical system might be the one you use the most. You rely on it for everything from cooking your food to catching up on your favorite shows. If you want your home to be able to support all of your electronic devices and appliances, you may need an electrical installation to keep your house up to date. At Travis Electrical Service, we specialize in home and business electrical installation services. 

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Our Electrical Installation Services in Clarksville, TN

An electrical installation could be anything from having new outlets installed in your home to putting in a new ceiling fan. It could even mean rewiring your home so that you don’t have to worry about your old aluminum wiring anymore. Our experience and training mean that we are well-equipped to handle both the small jobs and the big ones with an equal emphasis on safety and quality. Here are just a few of the many services we offer in the Clarksville area. 

Electrical Outlet Installation

If your outlets are outdated, it will be much harder to use the electricity in your home. You may have to resort to using power strips, extension cords, and even three-prong outlet adapters. With our outlet installation, there will be an outlet everywhere you need one. 

GFCI Outlet Installation

A GFCI outlet is the special outlet that you find near sinks and tubs that has a reset and a test button. These outlets are essential near water because they protect you from electric shock by tripping the outlet when there is a change of electrical flow. With our GFCI outlet installation services, we’ll get your home up to code and protect your family from electrical injury.

Electric Panel Installation

It is important to make sure your electrical panel is always up to date. A 60 amp panel may have been enough for a house with a few outlets and one or two major appliances. But with today’s electrical usage, your home will need a 100 amp panel or more. If you need a new electrical panel, Travis Electrical Service can help with our electric panel installation. 

Generator Installation

If you are in an area where you experience frequent power outages, it can be a great investment to get a generator for your home. Our electricians can help you choose a generator that is big enough to power everything in your home. We offer generator installation services in Clarksville and all of the surrounding areas. 

Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Did you know that the devices in your home are exposed to power surges every day? Even the smallest power surges can slowly reduce the lifespan of some of your most expensive devices such as your television, computer, and phone. You can protect all of these devices with our whole house surge protector installation. This equipment is installed in between your electrical panel and your electrical meter and is hard-wired into your circuit breaker, so you’ll need a licensed electrician to do the work. 

Lighting Installation 

If you want to make a room feel brighter and more open, you might not have to change the paint color. Sometimes, improving the lighting in a room is all that you need to make it feel more comfortable. Our lighting installation services can cover all of your interior and exterior lighting projects such as security lighting, landscape lighting, recessed lighting, ceiling fan/light fixture combos, and more. 

Pool and Hot Tub Wiring Installation

Before you can sit back in your new hot tub and enjoy the warm water and jet massagers, you’ll need a pool electrician to come and make sure your electrical system is ready for the new installation. You may need to upgrade your electrical panel, add outlets, and have the wiring installed. Our pool electricians can take care of hot tub wiring installation, pool lighting, pool heating, and more. 

Over 15 Years of Quality Electrical Services in Clarksville, TN

Every electrical installation is important because the safety of your home’s electrical system is at stake. We have built our company on Trust, Excellence, and Service. We will make sure that everything from your wiring to your electrical panel is safe. 

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