Emergency Electrical Repairs in Clarksville, TN

Every time you turn on your lights or plug something into your outlets, you should be able to rely on your electrical system to work soundly and safely. When your lights start flickering or your outlets start sparking, you don’t want to have to wait hours before your local electrical company finally opens for the day. At Travis Electrical Service, our door is always open for emergency electrical repair. Whether you need electrical rewiring or a quick fix, somebody will be here to answer your call.

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Emergency Electrical Repairs in Clarksville

An electrical emergency is something that needs to be fixed right away or you might be risking your family’s safety. It could be anything from a loose connection, faulty wiring, or a breaker that keeps tripping. You may also need an emergency electrical company if there is a flood and any of your electrical equipment gets wet. Don’t risk getting an electrical shock! Call an electrician before approaching any wet electrical components.

GFCI Outlet Replacement and Repair

A broken GFCI outlet won’t be able to protect you in the event of a ground fault. GFCI outlets should be tested regularly. If they are not working properly, a qualified electrician can troubleshoot or replace your faulty GFCI outlets.  We also offer GFCI outlet replacement if your outlets are old or outdated. If you don’t have this type of outlet in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or shed, consider having them installed.

Electrical Panel Repair

Unlike devices such as computers which get warm as they operate, your electrical panel should never get warm. A panel that is warm to the touch has faulty wiring or other electrical problems. An emergency electric panel repair is also necessary if you hear buzzing sounds near the panel, the breakers are tripping over and over again, or you notice smoke, burn marks, or sparks. Let our electricians come and troubleshoot the problem.

Generator Repair & Maintenance

As your backup emergency option for when the power goes out, you want your generator to always be in perfect condition. You can test your generator frequently to make sure it’s ready for the next power outage. If it doesn’t turn on properly, your generator may need maintenance or repair to help to ensure that you always have backup power when you need it.

Wiring Repair

When the wiring behind your outlets wears out or isn’t grounded properly, it can cause burnt wires and the possibility of an electrical fire. Our goal as a locally owned electrical company is to make electrical fires a rare occurrence in our community through quality electrical rewiring services and prompt repairs.

Lighting Repair

When the sun goes down, you don’t want to be left in the dark. With our lighting repair or replacement in Clarksville and the surrounding areas, you will always have light when you need it. Our electrical services are here when your light fixtures get damaged, your switches stop working, or you experience any other problems with your indoor or outdoor lighting.

Hot Tub Wiring Repair

If your hot tub has been improperly wired or if it has become damaged by rodents or weather, we are proud to offer hot tub wiring repair. As pool electricians, we know how important proper wiring is everywhere, but especially next to the water. Ensure your family’s safety by calling our pool electricians in Clarksville.

Protect Your Home With Electrical Inspection Services

Sometimes wiring can get worn out and connections can start to become loose without you even realizing it. That’s why frequent electrical inspections can be important for the well-being of your home and family. We recommend them once a year or any time you have concerns about the safety of your wiring or appliances. We can inspect your equipment to determine if any electrical repair services are needed.

More Electrical Repair Services in Clarksville, TN

Our electrical repair services are extensive and are available for every part of your home. Call us for any of the above electrical services and any others that you may need. We also offer:

Your Local 24/7 Electrician

As your local 24/7 emergency repair company, we can get there quickly for any urgent repair needs. We have our “Warehouse on Wheels” stocked and ready for any electrical service. We are always committed to your safety which is why we focus on quality repairs done by licensed and experienced electricians.

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