Hot Tubs & Pools Electrician in Clarksville, Tennessee

There has probably never been a homeowner who didn’t think to themselves how nice it must be to relax in a pool or hot tub after a long day’s work. It’s not hard to imagine yourself sitting comfortably in a pool or hot tub just relaxing the stresses away.

For most homeowners, having a pool or hot tub means starting with a builder and picking out a pre-set design from a pattern book. On the other hand, a select few homeowners can put their imagination to work and create a sparkling image of their very own. And why not? Everything you could want to create a pool and spa is as close as your nearest contractor and electrician.

When Dream Becomes Reality

For any homeowner who believes that building a pool and hot tub is a huge complicated list of things to put together, there’s a secret: It’s not true. The first step is to create an image in your mind of what you want your pool and spa to look like and what features are most desirable. It’s the job of the contractor to make that vision come true.

After the general design has been determined, it’s time to contact a contractor who can put the plan into action. The contractor will take note of the parameters of the project you want and create a plan.

Hot Tub and Pool Wiring

If all homeowners wanted in a pool was a place to swim, the chances are good that all they would need is a hole and a water hose. Fortunately, for most homeowners, a pool and spa are a little more complete than that. The right pool contractor will start by digging a hole where the pool and hot tub will sit. Then they will build a frame, on top of which they will pour the lining material.

At a certain point, Pool services will stop until the Electrical Service can take place. This is a critical juncture where everyone must allow everyone else to work at what they do best to make the project turn out well. After all, a pool without electrical service isn’t much good, and a pool without reliable electrical service can be just plain dangerous.

What a Good Electrician Contributes

To say that a licensed, experienced electrician contributes something vitally important to the construction of a pool and hot tub would be a gross understatement. It doesn’t take a degree in electrical engineering to know that combining water and electricity is very dangerous. According to statistics compiled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission last year, 21 people died by electrocution in swimming pools and hot tubs. This should make it evident that, even though having electricity available for lighting in the pool or hot tub is essential, the wiring must be done to code for it to be considered safe for use.

Other considerations should include:

    • Safety equipment, such as GFCI outlets, should be installed to prevent shock dangers
    • Hot tub wiring should be 220v and safely underground
    • Any outdated outlets should be replaced with GFCI outlets to meet the hot tub wiring code
    • Trenches should be dug and wiring safely installed before other work is done

It should go without saying but bears repeating that a good contractor will take your instructions for a new pool and hot tub and get to work, leaving you to relax. If things go as they should, a new pool and hot tub should be ready in a few days.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Building a pool and hot tub can be something that a homeowner should enjoy with great anticipation. Sometimes it is easy to forget that electrical currents near water can be hazardous. It doesn’t take much more than a low-voltage current to cause an injury or even death. Even a small shock is enough to stun someone enough to cause drowning. It is also important to note that when an electrical shock causes a drowning, it is most often fatal since a potential rescuer can also be shocked upon entering the water. If, for no other reason, these cautions should be enough to make anyone considering the construction of a pool or hot tub to be cautious before they begin work.

Before any homeowner begins work on a pool or hot tub, it’s important to get the entire project plan laid out. For the electrical aspect, contact an expert such as Travis Electrical Service. Travis Electrical Service is a pool and hot tub wiring specialist who has vast experience dealing with the electrical aspect of pools and hot tubs. Let them do the work so you won’t be bothered.