Industrial and Manufacturing Plant Electrical Maintenance and Upgrades

Clarksville, TN, is home to many industrial and manufacturing plants today. Trane Technologies, Bridgestone Americas, and Electrolux are three well-known manufacturers with plants in the area, and there are countless others. 

Each of these plants requires industrial and manufacturing plant electrical maintenance to continue operations. When this maintenance is required, they often call on Travis Electrical Service for help with these tasks. You should do the same. 

Industrial and Manufacturing Plant Electrical Maintenance in Clarksville, TN

Industrial electrical systems differ from residential systems in a variety of ways. The electrical system serves as the backbone of any production process, and this system must comply with both government regulations and safety codes. 

The system is unlike that found in a residential setting in terms of the quality and grade of the materials. Load and energy requirements are much higher in an industrial setting, as is the installation process. 

You must ensure you get an electrician skilled in handling industrial electrical maintenance and repair. Travis Electrical Service is the provider you need. 

When our electrician visits your industrial or manufacturing operation, they check things such as the location of the electrical wiring, the load, and the insulation. A commercial system is typically a three-phase system, one with two small legs running 120 volts each, coupled with a wider leg running 208 volts. Residential settings operate on a single-phase circuit with a few large appliances running a two-phase circuit. 

Our electrician understands differences such as these and will ensure all necessary tasks are carried out when completing the industrial electrical maintenance. Call us and we’ll have a controls electrician out to your location quickly. 

Why You Need Electrical Maintenance in the Workplace

Our electrical maintenance services reduce the risk of electrical issues. While things may appear to be working as intended, this isn’t always the case. Our electricians are trained to catch problems early before they escalate. This helps save you time and money. 

When we come out to maintain the system, we look for any safety hazards. Our goal is to detect these hazards early, so we can make repairs and ensure everyone who visits the property remains safe. 

Doing so helps to reduce your risk of lawsuits and harm to the company’s reputation. In addition, with our help, you can ensure the system remains in compliance with all government rules and regulations. 

Call us for industrial electrical maintenance and keep your energy costs low. Our electricians undergo training to help keep your system running efficiently. We make this a priority, as small changes can lead to thousands of dollars of savings each year. 

Less downtime is another benefit of this electrical system maintenance. The tasks we complete when we visit the facility prolong the lifespan of your equipment. 

As this equipment comes with a high price tag, the longer you can keep it running, the better off the organization will be. This maintenance also helps to keep repair costs low. 

Improved Employee Morale

An employer might fail to see how electrical system maintenance plays a role in employee morale, but we understand this. No employee wants to work on equipment that breaks down regularly. They worry that the malfunctioning machine puts them at a higher risk of injuries or worse.

When they see us visiting the facility regularly to carry out maintenance, this becomes less of a concern. They can focus more on what they are doing and less on ensuring their personal safety. Call us today to schedule a maintenance visit and provide your employees with peace of mind, knowing the equipment they are using is safe to operate. 

Call Your Local Electrician in Clarksville, TN For Commercial Services, Travis Electrical Service

Travis Electrical Service continues to provide dedicated service to residential and commercial customers in the Clarksville, TN area. We strive to build lifelong relationships with our customers and all interactions are based on the principles of service, excellence, and trust. Our team has raised the bar in the industry and will forge new paths in the future. 

When you call on us, you count on our integrity and character, as this is what has led to our excellent reputation. We are honest, loyal, and straightforward not only with our customers but also with our community and our employees. Everything we do is founded on the Biblical principles of selfless service and going above and beyond what is called for when interacting with others. 

Whether you need preventative maintenance or have a problem that must be addressed, we are here to help. Contact us today to get on the schedule. 

We’ll get a controls electrician out to your site as soon as possible because we understand any delays can be detrimental to your organization. We don’t want to see you come to harm, so we get someone out quickly. All you need to do is ask.