Electrical Services in Elkton, KY

A lot goes into installing, repairing, and maintaining any home’s electrical system and fixtures. As a licensed electrical contractor, Travis Electrical Service can handle any of your electrical needs here in Elkton, KY. Just give us a call today for friendly service and reliable work.

Electrical Repair You Can Count On in Elkton, KY

You might not notice just how much you rely on your home’s electrical system until it stops doing what it’s supposed to do. Whenever you’re having trouble of any kind, just reach out to the trusted electricians in Elkton, KY, at Travis Electrical Service.

Our team has the experience necessary to quickly and competently get to the root cause of your electrical issue. Whether the problem turns out to be with an electrical fixture, outlet, switch, wiring, or panel, we can provide the electrical repairs you need to get back up and running.

You want a licensed electrical contractor handling your home’s electrical system to ensure safety and dependability. That’s why you should go with the professionals at Travis Electrical Service for your next electrical repair.

Thorough Electrical Inspections

You might be looking for an electrician in Elkton, KY, to handle an electrical inspection for one of many reasons. Routine inspections are recommended at least every five years to ensure the continued safety of your home.

If you’re concerned about some element of your home’s electrical system, you can reach out to Travis Electrical Service for a comprehensive inspection that covers all of the bases.

Lighting Upgrades, Replacements, and Installations

Are you interested in upgrading your home’s lighting to get the latest styles and features from your lighting fixtures? Travis Electrical Service can help find you the perfect lighting for your home and carry out reliable replacements and new installations.

You can take advantage of new styles of LED lighting that not only save you money on your power bill but can include innovative new designs and features that conventional lighting couldn’t offer. The options are practically limitless, and our experienced team can help you find just what you’re looking for.

Outlets, Switches, and More

Travis Electrical Service is the top choice for a full-service electrician in Elkton, KY. We handle all aspects of electrical work, including outlets, switches, wiring, and more. We can provide you with upgraded outlets and switches that have the features you need.

Among these are the latest GFCI outlets that provide better protection for your home. We can install outlets with exciting new features, like powerful 20-amp outlets, USB outlets, and even smart outlets.

Protecting Your Home from Surges

The safety of your home’s electrical system should be the highest priority, and electrical surges are among the most serious dangers. Surges from storms or other events on the grid can enter your home and potentially cause electrical shocks and fires.

Keeping your home’s electrical system up to code can help reduce the risks posed by electrical surges. You might need to upgrade your circuit breakers to arc-fault circuit interrupters that provide increased protection. Older homes might even need to replace wiring or other components to provide the highest level of fire prevention.

Electrical Panel Installations and Upgrades

Your electrical panel provides the essential electrical capacity that powers your home. If you haven’t had a replacement or upgrade for years, or if you find that you’re constantly tripping breakers, you might need an upgrade to your electrical panel capacity.

The professional electricians in Elkton, KY, at Travis Electrical Service can carry out the panel installations and upgrades you need for your home’s electrical system. We can ensure that you’re getting the right panel and that all of your home’s appliances and systems get the power they need.

Heated Pools and Hot Tubs

Travis Electrical Service can provide the electrical work necessary for outdoor heating if you’re in the market for a heated pool or hot tub. Electrical work near any source of water needs to be handled by real professionals to ensure dependable safety.

Our team has specific experience handling the wiring necessary for heat pools and hot tubs. You should reach out for a consultation if you’re in the process of planning, or call us today for repairs if you’re having trouble with your existing pool heating system.

The Travis Electrical Service Difference

Travis Electrical Service has been providing reliable electrical services here in Elkton, KY, for 14 years. In that time, our team has built up the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that all of your electrical needs are met safely, reliably, and on time. Call us today for a reliable quote on your next electrical project.