Government Electrical Contracting in Clarksville, TN

Governmental electrical contracting projects are typically more complex and multi-faceted than other electrical projects, requiring specialized expertise that the average electrician may not possess. As such, it is essential for a government entity to secure the services of a state and federal electrical contractor that can handle large-scale projects. At Travis Electrical Service, we are an experienced contractor that is equipped to provide the necessary expertise and support for government projects of any size in Clarksville, TN.

Electrical Contracting in Clarksville, TN

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How Do Government Contracts Differ From Other Projects?

The United States government is the largest global consumer. This entity purchases more products and services than any other. However, it is only one of several government entities that may need an electrical contractor. Travis Electrical Service is that contractor. 

We work to build lifelong relationships with our customers. To do so, we operate on the principles of trust, excellence, and service. Count on us to do the work right every time.

Governments must be methodical when making a purchase. Each entity must ensure all contractors meeting the necessary qualifications of a state and federal electrical contractor have an opportunity to win the contract. Prices must be competitive, and the contractor must comply with all laws and regulations. 

Choose to work with us and receive access to a company built on the belief that character and integrity are essential. We continually work to raise the bar in the industry, as we want our customers to have access to the very best.

Experience Within the Industry

When choosing a contractor, the government entity must consider the contractor’s experience in the industry. New construction and renovations are two projects they may be asked to handle. The project might be a design-build or a design-assist. Furthermore, this work might be needed on a military installation, prison facility, or law enforcement center.

When completing a government electrical contracting project, the electrical contractor needs access to the latest equipment and technology. This access reduces the risk of the project going over budget or extending past the deadline. We have this equipment and technology to ensure your government electrical contracting project stays on track.

We bring years of experience to every customer interaction. You can rely on us to provide outstanding work because we go the extra mile with every job we do. We promise to be honest and straightforward with you.

Choosing a Government Contractor

When choosing a government electrical contracting firm, you need to know what projects the firm takes on. The projects might include:

  • Courthouses
  • Laboratories
  • Medical facilities
  • Military installations
  • Industrial or commercial buildings
  • Educational facilities
  • Agricultural or office buildings
  • Infrastructure

Questions to Ask the Contractor

Before hiring a government contractor, you need to gather information. Ensure the individual has the appropriate contractor license, bonding capability, and insurance for the planned project. Learn whether they possess any contract certifications, such as the Small Disadvantaged Business certification. We are happy to share this information with you when we meet to discuss your project.

Types of Work

A federal government electrician might take on several types of work. Exterior and interior projects remain commonplace. The contractor may also handle marine work. The hiring agency needs this information before proceeding with the selection. Call us to discuss your project, and we will share whether we can be of help to you.

Exterior projects might include the installation of underground or overhead medium voltage service. The federal government electrician might be asked to handle a concrete-encased duct bank installation that requires a trench and backfill. On the other hand, the government electrical contracting team might need to install an emergency generator and transfer switch. We do this work regularly and will happily take your project on. 

Interior projects that might require a government contractor include the installation of lighting controls or disconnect switches. Call our government electrical contracting team when you need a CCTV system installed or a public address system updated.

Why Choose Travis Electrical Services for Government Electrical Contracting Work?

You need an electrician trained in large-scale work for government electrical projects. These projects could affect hundreds or thousands of people, so mistakes cannot be tolerated. Contact our team at Travis Electrical Service and lay this concern to rest.

Our electricians undergo extensive training to ensure they handle each project correctly from start to finish. We won’t allow them to work on any project without this training for your safety and protection.

You cannot afford any disruptions to normal operations, and we recognize this. Whenever possible, we leverage prefabrication services to complete the project on an accelerated timeline. In addition, we send a team to tackle the work while keeping their presence confined to the smallest area possible.

Upgrade the electrical infrastructure of your government facilities today with Travis Electrical Service. We are happy to share why you should choose us over other bidders. Contact us online or call (931) 542-2878 today.