Hospitality, Healthcare, Restaurants, & Data Center Electrical in Clarksville, Tennessee

Business owners cannot delay essential tasks, even if these tasks affect their ability to operate normally. Electrical tasks are an excellent example of items they cannot put off, as doing so could bring harm to the business and its customers.

Call Travis Electrical Service if you own a business and need work done on your electrical system, whether it be a GFCI outlet replacement or a project to address burnt wires. We offer a range of electrical services designed to meet your needs. Our team will complete your electrical inspection, lighting repair, or other task in the shortest time possible. What industries do we serve?


Our electricians assist customers within the hospitality industry by leveraging prefabrication services. We do so to minimize the impact on the site, as we realize downtime is detrimental to the organization. Our goal is to complete the build or remodel on an accelerated timeline.

In addition, we work to keep costs down for you. Our electrical company sends a team of electricians to tackle the project, as this minimizes interruptions to daily operations. Our goal is to accelerate your ability to bring in more business.

We keep this goal in mind whether we are handling an electrical rewriting project, generator repair, or an electrical panel repair. Our team handles any electrical repair project or replacement task quickly and efficiently to benefit you.


The need for an electrician repair is of great concern in the healthcare industry. This electrical issue could mean lives are on the line and we recognize this. Our goal is to provide quality electrical services to ensure you can provide patients with the highest level of care. We do so with minimal impact on operations.

Our team offers pre-construction services along with project management services and uses lean construction techniques. This allows us to complete the job using minimal space in your facility. We do so with the help of project schedules and prefabrication or electrical assemblies. Our goal is to support you in your mission, as doing so plays a key role in our overall success.

Whether you need a repair or have a remodeling project to complete, we can help. Our team brings 14 years of dedicated service to each customer interaction. We put your needs and the needs of your clients before our own. This helps us maintain an excellent reputation in our industry.


The food and beverage processing industry has superior standards to ensure the safety of those consuming these products. When your organization needs electrical work, call us. We understand the importance of complying with these standards and will ensure our work meets your needs.

We will take on any electrical job you need to continue operations. This includes installing new electrical services or running network cabling through the processing line. With our help, you will find you can continue operations with minimal downtime and few disruptions to your operations. 

Regardless of what you ask us to do, know that we will be honest, loyal, and straightforward in our dealings with you. Everything we do revolves around our belief in the biblical principles of selfless service. We go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Data Centers

Technology affects every aspect of a person’s life. We depend on it every day, often not realizing we are doing so. This dependence on technology has led to an increased demand for data centers and electricians skilled in handling these projects.

You often need multiple teams to complete your project on time and within budget. We supply these teams.

When you choose us for your project, you know we have experience in tackling large-scale projects. We coordinate all electrical aspects of the project, including installing electrical components, scheduling and coordination of the project, and more. Whatever you need, we are ready to help.

 In addition, once your data center is up and running, we can assign a property management electrician to address problems and concerns promptly, so downtime becomes less of a concern.

Contact us today. When you do so, count on us to do the job right. We handle electrical repairs, electrical installations, panel services, and more.

Our goal is to build a relationship with you that will last a lifetime, one that is based on trust, excellence, and service. Call us for more information.

We will happily answer all your questions, as we want you to be comfortable with your choice when you ask us to handle your project. Anything less is unacceptable in our eyes.