Generator Installation in Clarksville, TN

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Whole house generators are one of the best protective tools a home can have. When the local power grid gets unstable, or if blackouts hit your area, you can stay calm and collected, knowing you’ll have reliable backup power. 

A generator installation is even more important in places like Clarksville, TN, however. It’s no secret that the electric infrastructure in Tennessee is getting old and more prone to instability.  When keeping your home safe and protected, a whole house generator can make all of the difference. 

If you’re looking for reliable generator installation services, Travis Electrical Service is here to help. Our highly trained electricians are experienced and ready to help you select the best whole house generator for your needs. 

How Whole House Generators Can Help Your Home

A backup generator is one of the most important things you can have at home, especially in areas where the power grid is known to be spotty under certain conditions. 

The most important role a generator serves is backup power. That much is obvious. However, think of all of the devices and appliances you need at home to live comfortably.

You need your refrigerator to store food and your oven or microwave to cook so you can eat. You need your HVAC to keep the air indoors safe and healthy. If it’s winter, that heat can mean the difference between burst pipes and a dry basement. Then there’s the question of entertainment. Computers, TVs, and consoles all need power, too.

For most people, blackouts are short-lived. However, in particularly bad circumstances, blackouts can last a long time. Some can go on for days or weeks if conditions are bad enough. These are the situations where a whole house generator truly shines. You can live comfortably and continue to work from home without a hitch.

Warranty Backed Whole House Generators in Clarksville

At Travis Electrical Service, you can expect to browse a selection of only the latest models of generators from the best manufacturers across the United States. Each model we install includes full warranties and support for your peace of mind. If anything goes wrong with your generator, all you need to do is let us know.

How Generators Work

A whole house generator is a completely different type of machine than a portable generator. Instead of a relatively small device that needs to guzzle gallons of gasoline to function, our generators are installed and integrated with the home. They don’t use gasoline; they rely on your natural gas line to generate power.

This differentiation is a very important distinction. It means you’ll never have to refuel or worry about your generator needing power when the grid is down. When power stops, you can expect your generator to automatically kick into gear, providing power to the essential circuits of the home. 

Because the need to refuel is eliminated, you won’t have to risk life and limb for extra gas during a blizzard or electrical storm to maintain power at home. You can simply stay inside and let your generator do its work.

Professional Installation

When choosing our skilled electricians, you can always expect a factory-trained generator technician to work with you on-site. Our veteran technicians will visit you at home and perform an assessment of the area where you would like your generator installed. From there, we’ll give you all of the information you need on the best size, model, and placement for your home based on your needs.

After the assessment, we will deliver your new generator and install it ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. All of our work is satisfaction guaranteed. When working with Travis Electrical Service electricians, we promise you that the results will blow away your expectations.

Fair & Honest Quotes on Whole House Generators in Clarksville

We have been in the industry for over 14 years. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with all of our customers through impeccable service, reliable work, and lasting results. You can trust in our commitment to providing the best customer service possible.

If your home is in need of a top-quality whole house generator, the experts at Travis Electrical Service are the ones to trust. All of our quotes are fair, honest, upfront, and fully transparent. 

We will never suggest the wrong equipment, and we will never bully you into choosing a bigger purchase than you need. Call or contact the professionals at Travis Electrical Service today to schedule your on-site quotation.