Industrial Electrician in Clarksville, TN

Many business owners turn to their residential electricians when they need electrical work in a factory, warehouse, or manufacturing facility. However, it is best to choose a licensed master industrial electrician to tackle the project. At Travis Electrical Service, we will get an industrial electrician contractor out to your site in Clarksville, TN. Our industrial electrician services are designed with you in mind.

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Let our skilled industrial electricians power up your business! Call Travis Electrical Service today at (931) 542-2878 or contact us online for reliable electrical solutions that keep your equipment running smoothly.

What Is an Industrial Electrician?

An electrician is an electrician, right? Many people assume that is the case, but several differences exist among the various types of electricians. What is an industrial electrician?

Industrial electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical components in industrial facilities. They also monitor electrical controls, wiring, and worksite equipment. 

However, answering the question “What is an industrial electrician?” doesn’t provide enough information for most people to know if they need this professional. We understand this and tell people the question they should ask is, “What does an industrial electrician do?”

The Duties of an Industrial Electrician

What does an industrial electrician do? Many people find the answer to this question provides them with a better understanding of whom to call when they have an issue. This individual bears the responsibility of keeping all electrical equipment in a plant or facility running smoothly. If one or more electrical components fail, the industrial facility might grind to a halt. We ensure this does not happen.

Call us when you need an electrical component installed, tested, or repaired. Our industrial electrician will troubleshoot the problem and come up with a solution. We can read blueprint information and explain it to employees or provide information on the specifications for electrical equipment. All you need to do is ask.

During our visit to the facility, we evaluate the entire electrical system. If the electrical wiring or insulation is positioned incorrectly, problems may arise. Industrial electrical systems differ from residential systems, which is why you may need our help. 

The Importance of Electrical Maintenance

When you call our company to maintain electrical systems, we send an industrial electrician to your business. With their help, you reduce the risk of electrical problems. An electrical system may appear in good working order on the surface. We examine the hidden components to ensure they function as intended.

Early identification of safety hazards keeps your workforce and assets safe. By calling for help, you save money. The risk of a lawsuit decreases, and your company’s reputation remains intact. Set up a visit from our industrial electrician today so that you can have peace of mind with the electrical system in your plant or facility.

Why Hire a Master Industrial Maintenance Electrician?

A residential or commercial electrician can handle many of the same tasks an industrial maintenance electrician does. However, the industrial electrician contractor undergoes special training and spends time learning local and industry electrical standards. Our industrial electrical company ensures all work completed by our technicians complies with these standards. 

Thanks to this training, any industrial maintenance electrician working for us can install new electrical lines, diagnose a problem with an existing power source, upgrade high voltage service, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial electrician services.

Why Choose Travis Electrical Service as Your Industrial Electrician in Clarksville, TN?

When you need to choose an industrial electrical company, look no further than Travis Electrical Service in Clarksville, TN. We help clients install concrete duct banks, offer directional bore services, retrofit LED lighting, and more. Call us for a high-voltage service upgrade or when you need to install a new circuit. We also help clients maintain their existing electrical systems.

We are located in an area known for manufacturing. Look around, and you will find Bridgestone Americas, Trane Technologies, and Electrolux all call Clarksville home. They know this city has many things to offer and have opted to build plants here. They aren’t alone either. When these manufacturers need an industrial electrician, they often turn to us for help.

Our team recognizes the importance of a functioning electrical system in the production process. We help keep your system up and running while ensuring it complies with natural and local regulations and safety codes. While completing a project, we ensure the right quality and grade of materials are used. We understand the load and energy requirements are higher in this setting and consider that when planning and carrying out electrical work.

Travis Electrical Service is the only name you need for quality residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services. Contact us online or call (931) 542-2878 today for help with any problem you are experiencing.