Electrician in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Residential electricians are called upon to help homeowners when they have a problematic electrical situation as well as when they need to expand the existing system. In the Hopkinsville, KY area, the team at Travis Electrical service has been assisting homeowners since 2005. These electricians have a wide range of experience under their belt and are actively conscious of how to work in a residential environment during the current Pandemic. Customers can feel safe and confident in knowing that they are receiving top-notch service regardless of the situation.

Don’t Assume That a Newer Home is Wired Properly

It doesn’t matter if a home was built fifty years ago or just recently; there is always the possibility that the on-site electrician didn’t have much experience or cut corners during the wiring process. To ensure that a home’s Electrical service meets all current safety standards, homeowners can have the knowledgeable electricians at Travis Electrical Service perform an audit of the system. This service identifies problem areas and allows the electrician to formulate a quote that details everything needed to make the proper corrections.

Rewiring Doesn’t Have to be a Stressful Experience

Some homes require so many changes that a complete rewiring makes more sense, especially those with older wiring that has undergone periodic updates. Depending on how the existing system was installed, some older wiring can be pulled up through the ceiling rafters or down through the floor joists, but in more extreme cases, the walls will have to be opened up. This is where an experienced team of electricians matters. Rather than blindly tearing into the walls, these professionals will look for the best way to remove old wiring and install new without employing drastic construction techniques.

An Attractive Way to Protect the Home

Over the past decade, home security cameras have become more widely available and affordable to the average homeowner. Although these cameras are easy to set up, they are typically positioned in out of the way locations and require a nearby power source. An expert electrician can help run power to these cameras, place them on dedicated circuits, and weatherproof all of the connections so that the security system operates safely without diminishing curb appeal.

Light Switches Aren’t Necessarily Easy to Repair

One of the most frustrating household electrical issues involves the failure of a three-way light switch. DIY homeowners might be able to fix this, but unless the correct type of switch is purchased and connected accurately, the amateur repair can result in a lot of aggravation. With professional Lighting Repair, an electrician can quickly correct the problem on the first visit and restore the series of switches to their proper functioning order.

Making Outdoor Light Fixtures Safe and Attractive

Outdoor lighting issues can also plague homeowners due to underground wiring and the potential for moisture exposure on the fixtures. When problems arise, a Hopkinsville, KY electrician can evaluate the situation to determine if the best outdoor methods and designs are being implemented. Once repairs begin, the electrician will ensure that the materials used work efficiently within the regional climate to help reduce the chance of a failure or fire hazard.

Breaker Panels Need to Suit Changes in the Home

When people add on to their home or remodel, they wind up increasing the number of fixtures, receptacles, and smart devices, which often results in overloaded circuit breakers. To ensure that all new additions work fluidly with the existing system while also eliminating the possibility of overloads, an electrician should be contacted to provide Panel Services. Once they inspect the panel and run a few tests, the technician will be able to determine what upgrades should occur to make the system safe and up to code.

Updating the Electrical System Increases Home Safety

Home construction isn’t always the main reason that panel upgrades should occur. Many older homes upgraded to breaker panels in the late 80s and early 90s, working efficiently for years until a recent increase in demand started tripping breakers. This inability to meet the higher demand also leads to increases in the home’s electric bill due to the constant surges. These older parts can’t handle today’s demands, something that an experienced electrician can quickly identify and begin repairing through upgraded parts and wiring techniques.

Emergency Service is Always Readily Available

Electrical malfunctions never happen when it’s convenient for the homeowner and if a crucial medical device is offline for too long, it could result in an emergency. Fortunately, Travis Electrical Service offers 24-hour repair service all year long to residents in the Hopkinsville, KY area. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night, over the weekend, or during a holiday; a technician is always on call who is prepared to respond to any electrical emergency promptly.