Lighting Installation & Repair in Clarksville, TN

Every homeowner understands the importance of having proper lighting throughout their homes. Each room requires specific lighting solutions to meet the needs of that area. Even exterior lighting of a home is vital to a comfortable and safe environment. Fortunately, homeowners can get professional lighting installation & repair in Clarksville, TN, to meet any need for any room in their homes.

Professional Lighting Installation & Repair

Although it may seem like a simple task to replace or repair a light in the home, lighting installation & repair can be dangerous if the proper care is not taken. Fortunately, some professional contractors can provide the lighting installation services homeowners need.

At Travis Electrical Service, LLC, homeowners can be confident that every contractor is trained and experienced in providing professional lighting repair and installation. Whether needing new lighting installed in the home or a faulty light repaired, a professional contractor can provide the service quickly and safely. Safe lighting installation & repair will ensure a properly illuminated home.


Every home needs a well-lighted kitchen. At least one central light is necessary to provide the illumination needed to prepare and cook meals. Many homes could benefit from additional lighting over the sink and stove area. For eat-in kitchens, lighting over the table is an option. Professional contractors can provide the necessary lighting installation or even provide lighting repair to meet the needs of the kitchen.

Bright, overhead lighting is often the best option for a kitchen. Professional lighting installation services can offer homeowners their choice of lighting options, installed quickly and safely. One trendy option for many homes is pendant lighting for the kitchen. These beautiful lights come in a variety of styles to match any décor. Pendant lighting installation is best provided by professional contractors in the Clarksville area.


A home’s bathroom is often a multifunctional room for every household member. This room is for cleaning up and relaxing. It can also be used as the home’s medical clinic or even a beauty salon. For these various reasons, the appropriate lighting is necessary for this room.

To get the right makeup applied or even tweeze stray hairs, lighting that is bright enough to remove all shadows is necessary. Even when treating boo-boos, bright lights are required to identify the severity of the wound and provide the proper treatment to make it feel better.

However, bright lighting is not conducive to relaxing for a moment in the tub. Soft lights can help ensure a relaxing moment after a long, hard day. Proper lighting installation is necessary to meet the needs of this room and the family.

Bright lights around the vanity mirror with a bright overhead light can provide all the benefits needed for the serious work of the bathroom. A dimmer switch or even a professional recessed lighting installation could provide the soft lighting needed for comfort.


When considering lighting installation & repair in Clarksville, TN, it is important to consider the best lighting options for the bedroom. In this room, relaxing and sleeping is the main purpose. Soft lighting is a good idea to keep the room calm and relaxing. Even pendant lighting installation could be a great option to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment.

However, not everyone only sleeps in their bedroom. Some individuals enjoy reading in bed. Brighter lighting in the room, especially near the bed, would be a great option. Even sconces near the bed could be a perfect option to provide the reading light needed but also the access to turn off the light without getting out of bed.

Living Room and Other Areas of the Home

Another trendy option for living rooms and other areas of the home is recessed lighting installation. Recessed lighting provides a beautiful way to illuminate various areas of the home without taking up much space.

For living rooms with low ceilings, recessed lighting can provide illumination without the risk of becoming a hazard for taller family members. Recessed lighting can also be perfect for accenting photos or treasured items displayed throughout the home. These lights are simple to have installed and provide many benefits for homeowners.

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

As night falls, the home’s exterior could become difficult to maneuver without the proper lighting. Even beautiful landscapes seem to disappear as the sun sets. Fortunately, there are options to brighten the home’s yard as well. Exterior lighting installation may be the best option.

Exterior lighting plays a major role in home safety. Not only does it help ensure safe travels to and from the home, but it can also deter unwanted visitors. Various lighting options are also available to provide the perfect accent to any landscape or feature. Proper exterior lighting installation will easily create a lovely scenic glow to enjoy every evening.

For professional lighting installation & repair of any lighting feature, call Travis Electrical Service, LLC.