Outdoor Lighting Installation & Repair in Clarksville, TN

Homeowners install lights outside for different reasons. The homeowner may plan an outdoor lighting installation to illuminate a garden or walkway. Other people install outdoor wall lighting or outdoor deck lighting to extend the living space. 

In addition, outdoor lighting increases the safety and security of the home. Regardless of why you are considering an outdoor lighting installation, Travis Electrical Services is here to help.

Our team remains informed regarding exterior lighting trends to ensure the project adds to the value and curb appeal of the home. We require our technicians to undergo training so they can install LED outdoor lighting as easily as they complete an outdoor lighting repair. Contact us today to learn more about services and how they will benefit you.

Planning Your Outdoor Lighting

Before installing outdoor lighting fixtures, you need to have a plan in place. We help you complete this plan to ensure the finished project is everything you envisioned. Contact us now and we will get started.

This plan might include outdoor security lighting, outdoor patio lighting, or accent lighting. Certain areas of your property will benefit from direct lighting. Other portions of the property should have indirect light, as different lighting levels ensure the light is evenly distributed. This distribution helps increase visibility, so we make it a priority when creating your lighting scheme.

Why Might You Install Outdoor Lighting?

You may choose to complete an outdoor lighting installation project for several reasons. Outdoor lighting fixtures enhance the visual appeal of the property and extend the home’s living space. You should install outdoor security lighting to protect your home from intruders and ensure everyone visiting the property can move around safely.

Outdoor patio lighting or outdoor deck lighting allows you to entertain after the sun goes down. You may also use LED outdoor lighting to highlight a landscape feature, such as a statue or garden. The ideas are endless, and our team is here to help you find the lighting scheme that best complements the home.

Increased Visibility

Outdoor wall lighting is an outstanding way to increase visibility on your property while showcasing it. Choose from several lighting options to achieve this goal. We’ll help you find those fixtures that are ideal for your property. 

This may include flood lights, porch lights, soffit downlights, or landscape lighting. We can also help if you need outdoor lighting repair for existing fixtures.

Layering the Lights

Wall lights highlight exterior features. Install outdoor lighting to highlight a garden you have toiled over, or use lights to create an area for entertaining family and friends. Security lights are always beneficial, but you should not direct them to those areas where people will sit.

Ambient lighting is excellent for conversation areas. You may also want direct lighting when you wish to sit outdoors and read or relax. By layering the lights on the property, you make the most of your outdoor living space. You may not use all the lights simultaneously, but you will know they are available when needed.

Security Lights

Nothing is more important than the safety and security of your loved ones. We recognize this and help you develop a lighting scheme that protects the home against criminal activity. When we develop this scheme, we eliminate any dark areas in the yard, as these dark areas are where criminals prefer to work. The security lights in the lighting scheme decrease the likelihood of criminals targeting the property.

We may recommend motion sensor spotlights, particularly in areas with thick shrubbery. Wall lights near doors and windows deter criminals, as they cannot enter the home undetected, and you may choose to install these lights on the garage and upper stories of the house. They provide additional illumination to keep the property safe.

These same lights make the property safer for friends and family when they are outdoors. They can move around the property because the lights allow them to see where they are going. We will help plan your outdoor lighting installation to ensure the property remains well-lit at night.

Why Call Travis Electrical Service for Your Outdoor Lighting Installation?

A well-designed outdoor lighting installation provides these benefits and more. You need a trusted provider to help with this task. Our team at Travis Electrical Service works with clients to develop plans that meet their unique needs, taking their budget and lifestyle into consideration. We will do the same for you.

Contact us today to discuss your outdoor lighting installation project. We will get you on the schedule, so your property can have an exterior lighting scheme that increases your security, adds to the home’s value, and improves the curb appeal. All you need to do is ask.